Saturday, March 16, 2013

B3R Garage: A Real Winner

A winning car is a little more than dumping a thick bank roll into a project. In fact the definition of “winning” may be diffident for everybody. Some builders find that simply dumping more cylinders into a car in order to increase horsepower makes it better. Others may find that upgrading suspension for autocross makes for a winning combination whereas some find extreme interior and exterior makeovers to be the right direction for their passions. Whether you are looking to tearing up the drag strip, autocross, or take the stage at a car show planning, patience and persistence will be required.

Many car forums and websites that allow users to publicize their rides have them rated on interior, exterior, wheels and tires, and engine performance. However, I find myself asking whether or not this seemingly simplistic basis for judgments is enough to identify a winning car. I have had several cars over the past decade and have come to find that my “winner” to be unexpected.

For me a winning car not only has the ability to compete on various levels of competition but is also undoubtedly reliable. Interestingly enough my “winner” is my 1998 Dodge Stratus (4-door sedan). The care is well equipped for autocross competitions with a low center of gravity and adequate horsepower. The car also has exceptional potential to become a visually appealing crowd-pleaser at car shows. Better yet, in the time that I have owned the car it has been the most reliable, comfortable, and economical.
'98 Dodge Stratus
My 1998 Dodge Stratus

With these factors in mind I may come to further improve the interior and exterior look, and suspension of my ’98 Stratus to prepare it for future competition.

“So I ask…What automobile is your winner? Do you have one yet? If not what car would it be, and why?”


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