Monday, May 13, 2013

B3R Garage: The Maverick Gets a Scoop and More

The last month and a half have been pretty rough on the wallet for me. Because of this the Mad Scientist and I have decide to focus exclusively on the 1970 Ford Maverick in order to get one car out of the garage. Currently, the Maverick has been outfitted recently with an awesome triple core Champion Radiator, a 16 gallon 2” sump fuel cell (conveniently mounted on the (top) inside of the old fuel tank.), and super shiny 4.5” tall carburetor scoop.

That’s right, every carbureted car needs a good are cleaner and filter in order to run just right. However, the Mad Scientist took drastic measures to ensure that the carburetor scoop he chose would set his Maverick apart from the rest.
Check out the Maverick's New Scoop Below!

There are many different styles of carburetor scoops to choose from. Carburetor scoops can include designs such as street scenes, Hilborn, Double Barrel, all the way down to customs. Seeing as the Maverick is going to be a street/strip build, the Mad Scientist searched through the wide selection of scoop choices and came across one that would provide functionality along with an aggressive street presence. According to the Mad Scientist the perfect carburetor scoop for his 1970 Maverick was none other than the Street Scoop II. The scoop is ribbed for strength, completely chrome, and sports a three butterfly design. Contently the carburetor scoop comes with all the assembly and instillation hardware and operates completely off the carburetors linkage.

Another fun fact is that the carb scoop comes with a set of two separate air cleaners in order to accommodate dual carbs. Due to the engine in the Maverick only having a single carb, the second air cleaner in the kit is kind of a price saver for future maintenance.
As I have not been feeling too healthy over the past two weekends, the Mad Scientist took it upon himself to go ahead with primering up the front fenders in order to get them ready for paint. He cut the hole in the hood for the carburetor scoop, and even fabricated a detachable hood cowl trimmed in chrome to protect his scoop and motor in case of rain.

Unfortunately, the Maverick still needs some major components before it can take to the street for its first test drive. One such component is a unibelt alternator. If you have been keeping track, you might have guessed that the other is the exhaust. The Mad Scientist has already decided on the specifics of the exhaust though. As it turns out, when the Maverick hits the streets it will likely be sporting a set of Lakepipes (a.k.a Sidepipes).

Keep an eye out on this site for more information and updates pertaining to the cars being customized by B3R Garage. If you have any questions, would like to tell us what we are doing wrong or right, or simply want to give us a piece of your mind be sure to leave a comment below.

And if you are looking for a scoop of your own be sure to check out Autozone with the link below. They provide free shipping to your home on all qualifying orders. 


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