Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The B3R Garage

This is the blog page for all of the automotive dealings happening within the the B3R Garage. No. This garage is not a performance shop, repair shop, a race shop, parts shop or even an after market shop. Instead, the B3R Garage is a humble two car garage attached to my home in which some very awesome cars are being, and have been built.

Unlike many of the car building shows seen on TV, this garage is bootstrapped with a significantly tighter budget and even less time to work on the cars. However between the Mad Scientist and I, we seem to find time to get little bits and pieces of our cars done when ever we can.

Hopefully, this web page will act as a way to keep everyone in the loop with the builds up-to-date with progress. If I am fortunate, I may even be able to provide a little help to those that are interested or are doing the same things. "Building Fast Cars".


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