Block Pate

When faced with the options to buy new or fabricate a solution the Mad Scientist and I have seemingly always leaned toward fabrication whenever possible. As it turns out there is just something about spending money needlessly that does not seem to sit just right with us. For this reason alone we will be showing you the step-by-step process we took in cutting down our own block plate to fit our Ford Maverick application.

Step One

During the first step of the block plate fabrication we conveniently had a slightly larger plate available. With this larger plate in hand we decided to determine the starter location offset by placing the block plate on the transmission bellhousing and measuring cutting points. 

Taking Measurements 

Step Two

With a reciprocating saw the second step was to simply cut the starter mounting edge off the block plate for relocation. (note: all other bolt holes will remain in the same location regardless of bellhousing size. The starter mounting location is the only thing that changes.)

Making Cuts

Step Three

Step three of the process simply involves double checking inner block plate mounting location clearance. If the starter sits flush there is no need to continue cutting the block plate. However, if there is any form of mounting interference more grinding or cutting may be required. In our case, the block plate needed a little more shaving. 

Mock Fit The Starter

Step Four

Step four can actually be considered optional because the block plate is essentially a large washer and does not "need" to be a single piece. What I ended up doing anyway was simply welding the block plate back together and grinding it smooth. This process make the block plate a single piece again and reduces the chance that the Mad Scientist will install the starter without floating piece of the block plate. 

Weld it Back Together

Step Five

Finally, it is time to apply a little paint. The newly fabricated block plate has been cut down to fit a stock torque converter. Now, it is important to know that the block plate can no longer be used on a larger bellhousing unless it is re-fabricated. However, the Mad Scientist and I conveniently have an extra block plate for the larger bellhousing should be decide to upgrade in the future. 

Apply Some Paint

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