How B3R Garage Prepares Paint

Find out how B3R Garage prepares its paint before spraying its cars. For more information on specific steps take be sure to check out the Mercury Capri and Ford Maverick pages.

B3R Garage Fabrication

When building cars a welder really does come in handy.

B3R Garage Ford 302 Selections

All of the motors in the B3R Garage have been built as custom motors. That means there is very few stock parts left in the block. Check out the B3R Garage's Ford 302 SB that will be dropped into our cars.

1984 Mercury Capri Project

The 1984 Mercury Capri was the first 302 engine swap done in the B3R Garage. The car was thoroughly gone over, and all of the building kinks where worked out on this car.

The 1970 Ford Maverick Street Strip Build

This 1970's Ford Maverick is a true one-of-a-kind build. Although many Maverick's in the day had Ford 302 engine swaps done on them, this one is taking on a look of its own that separates it from the rest.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

B3R Garage: The beginning of Project Bonnie and Clyde

Finally getting Started one of the two 1966 Ford Mustangs. Over the past two weeks The Boss, The Mad Scientist and I were able to completely rebuild the front suspension.

66 Ford Mustang Behind Wheel Well 66 Ford Mustang Front Suspension

1966 Ford Mustang Front Drum Brake

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

B3R Garage: Another Three Hour Tour on the S.S. Minnow

After a few years of the Boss watching the Mad Scientist and I hammer away on the '84 Mercury Capri, '70 Ford Maverick, '70 Ford F100 Long-Bed Custom, and now a '69 Ford F100 Short-Bed, she has decided that it was about time for her to get her own.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

B3R Garage: Grandpa Go Fast's F100 is up and Running

This 1970 Ford F100 has undergone a lot of surgery and cosmetic repair. Take a look at where Gradpa's super Ford has come from and where it is right now.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

B3R Garage: 1970 Maverick Update

After a bit of a brutal 2014-2015 winter the Mad Scientist noticed a small rear axle leak. Instead of tearing apart the axle and simply putting it back together, the Mad Scientist to the opportunity to make a little drivetrain upgrade. He went ahead and replaced the stock rear gears with a new posi-track differential. There are not too many better improvements that can be made to a street machine that having both tires spin in the same direction at the same time. Currently, the Ford 302 small block may not be producing the amount of power we would like. However, this upgrade will likely make a future power upgrades significantly more noticeable. Let us know what you think of the current upgrade.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

B3R Garage: Getting the F100 up and Running with Down Pipes

Grandpa Go Fast's 1970 Ford F100 has taken much more time to get to where it is as than any of our other two projects. However, the Mad Scientist and I were able to get the massive monster over to the finishing garage to better prepare it for paint and the road.

Monday, August 4, 2014

B3R Garage: Two weeks of fun and productivity

The previous weekend I mustered up the courage to finally take the Capri on a drive outside the neighborhood. July 26'th marked the date of Orland Indiana's Vermont Settlement Day's and The Mad Scientist convinced me to make the trip. Conveniently, the day also marked the firs American Legion car show in Orland. After a few days of pulling the car out of the garage and making a few laps around the neighborhood I began looking for a way to put the hood back on the Capri. I rummaged through the shop and came across what was left of a cutting wheel that was just enough to cut a hole large enough for the air cleaner. Everything seemed to be going really well in the Capri until we were about two miles outside of Orland. As it turned out, for some reason a roll pin sheared off in the distributor separating the rotation of the bottom of the distributor from the top. The Mad Scientist yanked the distributor, rolled into town and got some help from Bill's Towing before shooting back down the road and dropping the dizzy back in the block. When I hit the key the car fired right up and I was able to drive the rest of the way into town. Better yet, I was even able to watch the parade and head on down to the car show at the American Legion to look at other people's really awesome cars.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

B3R Garage: Still hammering away at the 1970 F100

It has been a few months since we have updated anyone on the status of Grandpa Go Fast's 1970 Ford F100. The project has been slow going, but the entire suspension is completed and a little work still needs to be completed on the body and engine. To paint a better picture, the entire frame is painted, new brake drums, brake lines, shocks, along with drive shave u-joints and bearings.

As far as the body of the truck goes; the cab, doors, front fenders, hoods are primered and ready for paint. The truck bed is still in need of a little work. A large bend in the front of the truck bed has been hammered flat again, the mounting runners have been repaired with new steel, and the underside of the truck bed has been undercoated with rubber.

The engine and transmission has been installed, and all wiring from the cab forward has been gone through. Not only has the engine been put in, but on Grandpa Go Fast's birthday we were able to jump into the cab-turn the key-and literally fire the engine-We had a bit of Carb leak.  The engine will still need a little tweaking but because there is only headers installed on the engine at the moment, we were unable to keep the engine running long enough to make any final adjustments.

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