'84 Mercury Capri

Mercury Capri 

That is right every one I have a 1984 Mercury Capri. I bought the car when shortly after I got my drivers licence and have never gotten rid of if (even though I have tried). On several occasions I attempted to sell the old Capri because I never thought that I had it in me to devote any time in to restoring it. However, My wife stopped me from selling the car on several occasions, and convinced me to do some work on it. With the help of the Mad Scientist (my dad)we pooled our tools into my garage and started hammering away. After about six months of only working a few hours on the weekend the car is ready to ride. If you are interested in where the car started from and how it got to where it is today feel free to visit my '84 Mercury Capri - Foxbody Project page.

For those of you that don't already know, the rareness of the Foxbody Capri can be chaucked up to Ford Mustang Foxbody enthusiasts. As it turns out the there are very few differences between the Foxbody Capri and Mustang. The actual differences have no effect on driveability. It is because of this that the Foxbody Capri became the bastard child of the Foxbody Mustang. As the perceived weaker link, the Foxbody Capri became more of a parts swapping car than a driver. Therefore, year after year more and more Capri's where  tore apart to enhance or repair their more desirable counterparts-the Mustang.

Now, my '84 Capri Custom is not the best looking car on the block but it has been injected with some Edelbrock attitude and buffed enough to produce a nice shine.

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