Friday, May 3, 2013

B3R Garage: Champion Radiators

With the Mad Scientist's Maverick nearing completion there are only a few essentials that still need acquiring before the beast can take to the streets. One such essential is none other than a radiator. Conveniently for my Capri, I was able to simply pick up a radiator relatively cheap. However, the Mad Scientist was not so lucky. Years ago the Mad Scientist was not opposed to sporting a significantly larger truck radiator-with no hood-in his Maverick if it meant he could race on the weekend.

However, the Mad Scientist and I decided that we would like to keep the mechanicals under the hood for this particular Maverick. So instead of buying whatever radiator we could jam into the car for the cheapest price the Mad Scientist decided to go another rout. The Mad Scientist Went ahead and dished out a few hundred on a Champion Radiator straight out of California. (note: California has a high fraud warning so don’t be surprised if you purchase something from California and have your card declined and froze until the transaction is verified by your bank.) Conveniently the radiator showed up only a few days after purchasing it and simply bolted right up.

Champion Radiators


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