Tuesday, September 3, 2013

B3R Garage: Labor Day Weekend with Auctions America

The Mad Scientist and I took off this weekend to attend an annual even known as the Auburn Car Auction. The even started in Wednesday and went well into Sunday evening. The even had helicopter ride, Monster truck rides, a motocross show and hundreds of cars. Conveniently we were able to walk through a very large automotive parts swap meet and view acres of cars and parts that where for sale. As expected, many of the cars where classic in nature. However, there where some one-off customs that made our eyes really open up. One of the more interesting automobiles was tagged "Twice Blown Deliveries".

Here are some of the cars and carts we ended up looking at while we were out of the garage for the week.


These where just some of the really fun looking toys that can be driven. 


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