Monday, August 4, 2014

B3R Garage: Two weeks of fun and productivity

The previous weekend I mustered up the courage to finally take the Capri on a drive outside the neighborhood. July 26'th marked the date of Orland Indiana's Vermont Settlement Day's and The Mad Scientist convinced me to make the trip. Conveniently, the day also marked the firs American Legion car show in Orland. After a few days of pulling the car out of the garage and making a few laps around the neighborhood I began looking for a way to put the hood back on the Capri. I rummaged through the shop and came across what was left of a cutting wheel that was just enough to cut a hole large enough for the air cleaner. Everything seemed to be going really well in the Capri until we were about two miles outside of Orland. As it turned out, for some reason a roll pin sheared off in the distributor separating the rotation of the bottom of the distributor from the top. The Mad Scientist yanked the distributor, rolled into town and got some help from Bill's Towing before shooting back down the road and dropping the dizzy back in the block. When I hit the key the car fired right up and I was able to drive the rest of the way into town. Better yet, I was even able to watch the parade and head on down to the car show at the American Legion to look at other people's really awesome cars.

Over this last weekend we had done quite a bit of traveling. The Mad Scientist, my family, and I took a day to travel up to Chicago for my College graduation ceremony and have dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. It was a good day. Later in the even we headed back to Orland to fire up the Capri and Maverick in order to head up Sturgis Michigan for a family reunion. Unfortunately on the way to Sturgis the Capri seemed to have a bit of Distributor problem once again. The Mad Scientist and I immediately came to the conclusion that the issues was possibly a wiring meltdown problem. After a few minutes of letting the Capri cool down we finished the trip up Sturgis.

When we made it to the reunion location, some family came together to help us rewire distributor and tune the carb. I took the car around the campground and it seemed to perform really well. However, not all of the cars had the same luck. Pep's Foxbody Mustang had a little wiring problems itself. So, although Pep, The Mad Scientist, and I where really hoping to line up all three cars for a family photo shoot we where only able to get a few shots of the Maverick and Capri.

Unfortunately the automotive issues did not seem to stop there. On the way home the Capri seemed to experience some issues with the distributor again. After the car headed up to running temperature and I hit the brakes, the tack dropped to zero and the entire car stalled out. Again, the car would not start back up. We actually ended up pushing the car across the street into a gas station thinking that I may just have run out of gas. Unfortunately, after filling the car up it still did not want to start even though the engine spun without a problem or making any kind of “danger” noise. We made the decision to got ahead and pull the car back to the Fort to prevent any more issues from arising as the sun went down.

However, you would be surprised how frequently car guys and gals are drawn to us even when our cars are not working properly. We happened to come across a really awesome looking Chevy Nova while the Mad Scientist and I where eating our Subway sandwiches behind the gas station. Similar to the Maverick, the Nova had a very noticeable sound and bug catcher sticking up out of the hood.  

Not only did we have a good time traveling, spending time with family, and meeting someone new with a similar taste in cars, but we even got around to moving the Grandpa Go Fast's 1970 Ford F100 From fabrication to the body shop. With just a little more work we the super truck should be ready to be sprayed with paint. 


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