Wednesday, September 30, 2015

B3R Garage: The beginning of Project Bonnie and Clyde

Finally getting Started one of the two 1966 Ford Mustangs. Over the past two weeks The Boss, The Mad Scientist and I were able to completely rebuild the front suspension.

66 Ford Mustang Behind Wheel Well 66 Ford Mustang Front Suspension

1966 Ford Mustang Front Drum Brake

Over the last few weeks I have finally had a chance to analyze the two 1966 Ford Mustangs The Boss and I have acquired. As it turns out, we may very well be capable of taking one of the Mustangs from where it is to a street worthy machine under a few thousand dollars. Unlike some of the other projects The Mad Scientist and I have worked on, The Boss is looking to take her Mustang in the direction of a more stock look with subtle modifications. Some of the modifications include a non-original color scheme, custom wheels, and possibly an upgraded gauges. As for the body and suspension, The Boss is currently looking to take a more stock approach by not placing a V8 under the hood(yet) and making sure there are no holes in the hood for a large air cleaner. However, I and the Mad Scientist's persuasion may convince here to change her mind. Regardless of what she decides she is The Boss, so with her 1966 Ford Mustang, what she says goes.


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