Tuesday, December 18, 2012

B3R Garage: Nearing The Holidays

My '84 Mercury Capri Project is nearing completion, and it has only been five months. The car has taken on a completely new look with refurbished body parts (fenders, quarter panels, hatch, doors, floors, doghouse, hood, roof and even bumper). The car has even been outfitted with new interior door trim, automatic shifter, and a custom Brilliant Silver paint job. 

With so much completed on the '84 Capri I decided it was time to push it aside in the B3R Garage and make room for the 1970 Ford Maverick Street Strip Build. It is December and the cold weather and snow seems to be looming. What better time to roll this car into the garage. The Mad Scientist and I did not actually start any work on the Maverick until December 5th. The only things we did included pulling the old I6 and transmission out, chopping out the odd-ball fabricated tail light cups, and removing the Cobra-like side-pipes. Although we have spent about two actual days working on the car we were able to get a lot done as far as repairing the rear end.  However, all automotive work done within the B3R Garage will be placed on temporary hold as the holidays draw near. 


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