Monday, December 31, 2012

B3R Garage: Approaching New Years

Over the last week I took some time off over the holidays to visit Fabulous Las Vegas. Now that I have a slightly refreshed sense of motivation, I am ready to start  really digging into the 1970 Ford Maverick Street Strip Build project. Before my vacation the Mad Scientist and I had left off with having completed the rear quarter panel, and tire well repairs along with fabricating a bumper.   The Maverick also received a little body work in the rear in order to accommodation a larger Ford Torino tail light due to a previous owners botched body job.

Although I was out for a while the garage was not entirely quiet. The Mad Scientist stayed behind, and chipped away at some of the lighter work that still needed to be done to the 1970 Maverick. In my absence the underbelly, inner trunk, and floor boards where thoroughly undercoated to prevent any future possibilities of rust damage. The Mad Scientist also took it upon himself to remove the old 7" rear axle. The small axle will soon be replaced with a completely gone through 8" axle from a 1971 Ford Grabber. The Mad Scientist also sanded and primered the rear louvered bumper cover and front valance. 

With so much done in my absence there is really little to be done to make the Mad Scientist's 1970 Maverick a real ground pounder. The list of items to still be completed included installing the new rear axle, fuel cell, engine, and transmission. We will also need to do some minor floorboard repair and modifications for properly fitting the Tenzo Racing seats

Keeping in mind that most of B3R Garage's work is done in just a few hours during the weekend, we are planning to have the car-at least-up and running by late February. I guess you could call it a resolution. 


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