Thursday, April 25, 2013

B3R Garage: Primering up the 1970 Maverick

Finally the Mad Scientists’ 1970 Ford Maverick is getting a little dash of primer. The Mad Scientist shot his Maverick with primer from the cowl to the trunk this last weekend. Surprisingly, only a little time was spent in skimming tiny pinholes and dings in the body with filler. On the other hand, the use of an air file made sanding down the Maverick a whole lot easier. Needless to say it was a bit of relief to see the car in a single color for the first time even if it was primer.

If you are into doing body work on cars the Mad Scientist and I would HIGHLY recommend you get yourself an air file. The air file literally took out a huge chunk of time we would have originally spent handing sanding the car. Instead, the air file sanded the car so well that we could have probably hit the car with color and been done with it, but we are trying to go for a specific look. 


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