Thursday, June 6, 2013

B3R Garage: The Capri gets a Scoop too!

Sorry if we have not been keeping everyone up to date with B3R happenings over the past two weeks. The Mad Scientist and I have had our fair share of issues placing the last few pieces of our cars back together. In fact, both of our allegedly good transmissions have turned out to be needing rebuilt. But that is another story for another day. Today, I want to inform everyone/(anyone interested) that I will be chopping a handy dandy hole in my hood in next few weeks to make room form a brand new carburetor air cleaner.

Check out the Capri's new Air Cleaner.

As you may already know, the Mad Scientist has gone ahead and installed a three-butterfly street-strip carburetor air cleaner on his 1970 Ford Maverick. However, what he may not have known was that I was stockpiling a handy dandy super shiny Polished Aluminum Shotgun Finned Air Scoop Double Barrel in my parts reserve. Unfortunately, I can only show you what the air cleaner looks like via the product picture. However, I do plan on showing everyone what the car looks like with the air cleaner sticking out of the hood in upcoming posts.

If you have been reading previous posts, you may be able to tell what kind of style the Mad Scientist and I are looking for in our cars. Seeing as I am on the topic of scoops yet again, maybe you would like to weigh in what style of functional scoop suits your personal style.

So, do you prefer the Mad Scientist's street-strip scoop, My Double-Barrel scoop, or do you have a different preference?


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