Thursday, December 5, 2013

B3R Garage: A Break in the Silence

Well B3R Garage’s plan for the next few months was to simply ride out the winter months by enjoying family while the cars stayed cooped up in the garage. However, the Mad Scientist came across some information that turned out to be too good to pass up. Over the year the Grandpa Go-Fast has not been getting around too quickly. Every truck he has ever owned has been sold and to top it all off he broke a hip a few years back. Well, my Grandpa has always had a thing for classic cars and the Mad Scientist’s find fit the bill well enough.

The Over the past week it came to the Mad Scientist’s attention that an old friend had been keeping a 1970 Ford F100 stashed away in the barn for some time and was for sale for only $350. According to the previous owners the F100 was bought brand new in 1970 by their grandfather and has been in the family ever since. Unfortunately, being a farming family they never really had the time to keep the old truck running. So, the Mad Scientist swept in and bought it up. Now for the next few months the Mad Scientist and I will likely be tearing down the and complexly building the 1970 Ford F100 back up. Interestingly, there was a condition on the sale of the Truck. The condition was that after the truck became drivable, the Mad Scientist and I where to drive the truck back to the previous owner so that their grandfather could see his truck on the road again. Not too shabby of a deal if you ask me, and we love showing off some of our work even if it is a little rough around the edges.

Here are some of the Truck stats that I gathered the first time I looked at it.

Make:     Ford
Model:    F100
Door:      2-Door
Bed:        8-Food
Engine:   Ford 5.9L 360 Big Block
Exhaust: Single
Axle:       Ford 9”

Wheels:  16”

This is the overall look of the truck the day we decided to pick it up. Pretty rough huh? That's right! It was fully equipped with a flat tire. But maybe you where wondering where the rest of the front end went.

Here it is! the whole front of the F100 is sitting in the bed of the old Ford. 

The hood seemed to be the one item of the truck in the best condition. 

The inside of the tuck had some engine parts stored in it as well. However, as you can see if you look closely there are clearly some hole issues in the floorboards of this old 1970 hauler. In addition to the seat needing completely replaced and/or redone, the headliner needs fixing, the steering column is busted, and there is a big crack in the front window. 
No worries though, B3R's Mad Scientist and I are on the case and in the next few months I can garuntee that Grandpa Go-Fast's 1970 Ford F100 will be on the streets laying down some rubber with the other two cars we have put together over the past two years. 


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