Tuesday, December 17, 2013

B3R Garage: Grandpa Go Fast's F100 Good and Bad Shakedown

Well, the Mad Scientist has had some time to tinker with Grandpa Go Fast's 1970 Ford F100 the over the past weeks. As it turns out the old truck will need quite a bit of work, but nothing the Mad Scientist and I where not prepared for. So, it just so happens that the Ford 360 Big Block has significant pitting and rust in the cylinder walls making the block currently unusable.

This leaves us-currently-with two options. 

The first option involves sending the block to a machine shop to have the cylinder walls bored out. In turn the engine will need new pistons and slew of other goodies that will cost quite a bit of money. Unfortunately spending about a thousand dollars just to get the engine ready to be completely rebuilt is outside the budget and more importantly time frame for this build.

The second option involves bolting the Mad Scientist's 1970 Ford 302 to my Ford C6 (automatic with overdrive) transmission. This route will likely only require a few parts that may include the following:

  • gaskets
  • fuel pump
  • water pump 
  • alternator
  • carb  

Now, there are quite a few other parts that will likely need buying as well because the Mad Scientist and I don't like to leave things "Plane Jane". Currently the Mad Scientist and I have received over eight inches of snow in the past two days. The snow will slow us down a little but hopefully we will be back on track with the F100 following the holidays.


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