Tuesday, March 18, 2014

B3R Garage: F100 Update

Over the past month and a half the Mad Scientist and I had to take a break from the mad dash of tearing apart Grandpa Go Fast's 1970 Ford F100. The setback was due in large part to the weather and a small part to a reduced level of financial capital for the rebuild. However, I am proud to announce that the entire bottom of the truck cab has been rebuilt and/or had sections such as the cab mounts replaced with new parts from LMC Truck. We have even been able to mount the cab to the frame as well.

Although the original big block 360 engine was not  usable, we were able to throw together a Ford 302 Small Block from an 1970 Ford Fairlane. Like the truck itself, the engine was entirely gone through and rebuilt. An old small block C6 transmission with overdrive was also pulled out from under the shelf to go into Grandpa Go Fast's new ride. In addition to fixing up the body and drivetrain, the entire interior of the truck had been refurbished with diamondpate and new fabric. Images of the current updates will be provided in the near future.   


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