Sunday, February 9, 2014

B3R: Garage GoFast 302

We would love to have kept everyone following up-to-date over the past few weeks, but we here at B3R have been up to our ears in snow and ice for quite a while. However, before the snow completely piled us in we were able to get a little done in the horsepower garage. We spent a little money and purchased a universal Ford 302 rebuild gasket kit. We pulled a 1970 Ford 302 off the shelf, put it on the engine stand and began the teardown and rebuild. Like all Ford motors that have been put together thus far, Grandpa GoFast’s Ford 302 for his F100 was painted Ford Blue. 
Take a Look...

 However unlike the other motors that have been built by B3R Garage, Grandpa GoFast’s 302 came will a little more chrome to begin with.Outside of tearing down and rebuilding the engine in a few hours, we were able to make an additional web page for Grandpa GoFast’s Ford F100. The web page can be found at

So if your are looking into finding out a little more about the Ford F100 build or would like to provide a little feedback, it can be done in more than one place.


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