Saturday, July 11, 2015

B3R Garage: Grandpa Go Fast's F100 is up and Running

This 1970 Ford F100 has undergone a lot of surgery and cosmetic repair. Take a look at where Gradpa's super Ford has come from and where it is right now.

The interior of the F100 is significantly more comfortable than the day we picked it up.

The exterior of the truck got a little sine with some fresh paint and a few new body panels. When The Mad Scientist and I got closer to completing the truck, it was the consensus that driving this truck was fun. However, there was a much better feeling when we could drive our cars up to see Grandpa Go Fast and have him take us for a ride in the truck we built for him. At the time of this post, Grandpa Go Fast has been spotted in several car shows and drive-ins in North-East Indiana. To no surprise we received several compliments regarding how the truck turned out. Although the Mad Scientist and I are done with working on the 1970 Ford F100 (for the most part), the truck will be undergoing several more modifications in the near future. Grandpa Go Fast plans on installing a wooden bed, wooden bed rails, a radio, and replacing the vinyl floor-mat with a nice carpet. Although B3R will be around to help with most of the installations, it is time for Grandpa's imagination to take his truck to the next level.

If you happen to come across Grandpa's Ford F100 at the next car show, in a parking lot, or even just going down the road be sure to snap a photo and let us know where he has been.


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