Wednesday, August 19, 2015

B3R Garage: Another Three Hour Tour on the S.S. Minnow

After a few years of the Boss watching the Mad Scientist and I hammer away on the '84 Mercury Capri, '70 Ford Maverick, '70 Ford F100 Long-Bed Custom, and now a '69 Ford F100 Short-Bed, she has decided that it was about time for her to get her own.

Finding the right car was no easy task. The Boss ended up searching the internet for a few months before settling on a make and model. Of course it had to be  a muscle car, but the Boss ended up sifting though a lot of options before finally deciding on 1966 Ford Mustang. Conveniently there happened to be a few '66 Ford Mustangs up for sale relatively close to home.

The Boss planned everything out for a single weekend to go and check out one of the cars that she had her eyes set on in hopes of putting it on a trailer and driving it home. However, B3R Garage road trips to collect cars has a history of being more complicated than planned. We even ended up dubbing our 2009 Ford F150 Quad Cab the "SS Minnow" from the 1960's Gilligan's Island. Every trip ends up being planned as  three hour tour, but always ends up taking significantly longer.

The first car that we looked at was just over the border in Ohio. However, when we looked at the car in person, it was apparent that the person selling it falsified information about the cars structural integrity. After an hour and a half drive, the Boss was clearly upset. So I made the suggestion of calling another person selling a '66 Mustang about the same distance from home in the opposite direction over the border in Michigan. As it turns out we ended up driving another three hours to look at another Mustang. On the plus side, the second person selling his cars was an upstanding individual looking to sell his car and parts car-both '66 Mustangs-to a good home. A little over five hours later we ended up driving home in the middle of the night with the Boss's new '66 Mustang project. The following morning we ended up driving all the way back over the border into Michigan to pick up all of the extra parts the seller was willing to include along with the second parts car.

BettyLou is in for a real makeover over this winter.

The Parts Car

The Project


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