Sunday, January 6, 2013

B3R Garage: 1970's Brakes & Interior

Over the weekend the Mad Scientist and I where able to install the new rear brake parts. Unfortunately,  finding and speaking with knowledgeable representatives at your local auto parts store can be a hit or miss endeavor. For the most part, when we speak to someone about finding parts for the Maverick the representative freezes in panic when we mention that the car is from the 70's or that it is a Maverick. Probably due to the younger generation not realizing that there where indeed cars before they were born. (who knew?)

Regardless, the Mad Scientist and I were able to acquire some brake parts from our trusty NAPA store. Over the weekend we were able to install new brakes on the refurbished 8" axle. The brakes took a little longer that expected due to some lacking parts. However, we were able to scavenge some working parts off of some Granada front drum brakes in order to make the instillation a success. As far as the brakes are concerned the 1970 Maverick only needs three brake lines measuring a few feet in distance.

This weekend we did not stop with installing brake parts. The Mad Scientist took it upon himself to enlist some help from his personal interior fabricator (his mom). At a month before her 70th birthday the Mad Scientist's fabricator/mom was teaching the Great Grand-children how to Snowboard. (This is no joke. Those Grand-children are mine.) Anyhow, the rear bench seat in the 1970's Ford Maverick was tore apart, painted, re-padded, and re upholstered. The back of the newly refurbished back seat also sports a snazzy Ford logo as well.  

Along with finishing some simple projects, there where some projects that where just getting started. We took the time to remove the interior heater motor, squirrel box, and wiper motor. We also removed the shock tower supports and began wire-wheeling the doghouse.


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