Wednesday, January 9, 2013

B3R Garage: Craigslist Win!

Craigslist has been arguably one of the most used online services for buying and selling product locally. For most individuals, Craigslist may even be seen as a very lucrative source for finding parts for their particular project car or truck. However, in our neck of the woods Craigslist is more commonly used by companies than individuals. Therefore, it may be exceptionally easy for some to find parts for their 1984 Foxbody projects or Mavericks, but it is not for those of us here at B3R Garage.

Over the life of the '84 Capri Project build I have only had the ability to come across a broken T5 transmission that would fit in my ride. This was true until this last weekend. Over the weekend I came across a Craigslist post pertaining to chrome rims. Although I had a vision of what my Capri should look like I could not turn down a set of chrome rims for only $125. So I took a look. Conveniently the rims where in great condition and accommodated the 4x4.25 or 4x108mm lug spacing needed to fit.

With a set of new rubber and a little bit of chrome polish I am sure these rims will do just fine.


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