Wednesday, January 16, 2013

B3R Garage: Foxbody Capri Project Update

Over the week I decided to do some minor modifications to the 1984 Mercury Capri of mine. The front clip was removed and thoroughly sanded and body filled to remove various imperfections. In addition to slight bumper modifications some new parts were ordered to hopefully improve performance. First in the list of new parts is none other than a 1.9 HP Summit Racing Protorque Starter. The car will also be getting an Edelbrock stock replacement 6-7psi mechanical fuel pump. The car will also receive a set of brand new transmission  lines by Classic Tube.

With the inclusion of the significantly higher quality starter I will hopefully not be needing to remove the engine again in the near future. I am also hoping that the Edelbrock fuel pump that is to replace my old broken one will have significant longevity as well.


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