Wednesday, January 8, 2014

B3R Garage: Grandpa Go Fast Update

Well, the Mad Scientist and I would love nothing more than to tell or even show everyone how much progress has been made on Grandpa Go Fast's 1970 Ford F100. However, all projects seem to be littered with some kind of setback. Some setbacks can be as simple as forgetting where you just laid down a wrench, or as complex as waiting for parts to arrive. This latter is where B3R seems to be sitting at the moment. We have been able to pull the motor and transmission and remove the bed and cab. The frame has been painted blue from bumper to bumper. Most of the cab's floorboards have been repaired along with cab supports. The Mad Scientist even went so far as to order a few body parts from LMC Truck in order to speed up and simplify the process.

However, no matter how well you plan a project out there is always one factor that seems to be unpredictable and capable of throwing a wrench in your plans. That factor is mother nature, and the Mad Scientist and I have had to put down the wrenches and welder to pick up shovels this past two weeks. In our neck of the woods we have received over a foot of snow and have had to stay indoors due to daylight temperatures dropping down to -15 degrees. The adverse weather has also delayed the delivery of our parts a whole week as well. No worries though, soon enough the Mad Scientist and I will be back on track.


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